IMPACT! Reclaiming the Call of Lay Ministry


Kay Kotan

Blake Bradford


A new book from Market Square Books! 


Kay Kotan is a professionally credentialed coach who has coached hundreds of pastors and churches across the nation, helping them become more vital in reaching new people.  She has authored more than a dozen books on church and leadership transformation.  Kotan was the primary creator of the Small Church Initiative under the HCI process.

Blake Bradford is a United Methodist minister appointed as a mission strategist and district superintendent in the Arkansas Conference. He has pastored churches of different sizes and contexts, and has served the conference’s Center for Vitality as a congregational coach, consultant, and director of the ordination program. 


What leaders AROUND THE DENOMINATION are saying about IMPACT!

What an ‘IMPACT’ for the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be made if every congregation studied this book and reclaimed the call of lay ministry!
— Mary Brooke Casad is former Executive Secretary of the Connectional Table of The United Methodist Church, chairs the Foundation for Evangelism Trustees, and is a director of the Texas Methodist Foundation Board.
Dr. Bradford and Kay Kotan have written an insightful book challenging the church to reclaim the God-sized IMPACT of the partnership between laity and clergy together strengthening the local church for a future with hope. This practical book is full of stories, practical examples, and questions to help ignite a movement where laity are inspired, equipped and mobilized for ministry and IMPACT!
— Debi Nixon is one of the Managing Executive Directors at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS.
Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford have cracked the code on moving lay people from spinning their wheels, to really making an impact in their churches. This comprehensive resource is rooted in time-tested methodologies and “in the trench” case studies that will inspire transformational action amongst your people. Each section digs deep into all of the most important aspects of implementation. As seismic shifts are taking place in the church, the way leaders engage laypeople has to look different than it has in the past. You’d be hard pressed to find better, more knowledgable guides to lead you forward on this journey.
— Jason Moore, Midnight Oil Productions
Truly a book that will IMPACT your congregational life and alter the way you think about discipleship. Kay and Blake offer insightful examples and stories for developing disciples, relational worship and building effective small groups. The perfect book for your next congregational study!
— F. Douglas Powe, Jr., Ph.D., Director of Lewis Center for Church Leadership and James C. Logan Professor of Evangelism (E. Stanley Jones Chair), Wesley Theological Seminary

Every Christian is called to ministry. Help the people of your congregation claim their call!

The ancient church spread rapidly throughout the Mediterranean world and, centuries later, the Methodist Church spread like wildfire on the American frontier thanks largely to lay Christians who shared the Christian faith in their homes and communities. Over time, our primary church leadership models have emphasized the leadership of the clergy and have devalued the ministry of the laity. IMPACT offers practical and proven plans to help clergy and laity partner together again to spread the Gospel in a new day and age!

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